# Alarms notifications

This page manages the alarms that holds alarms, warning and message-list that will be triggered by your functions. Alarms page provides interface that allow adding / deleting alarms / warnings and clear message.

Alarms Main Panel

# View

Alarm Main View is split into two columns. One for adding alarms and warning another for viewing message.

Alarms Main Panel

# Alarms / Warnings

Adding a new alarms is done by clicking on the '+' button, which opens a modal with the following elements

  • Name, the descriptive label to be assigned to the device, which must comply with the Plexus nomenclature criteria.
  • Add Warning, adding a warning.
  • Add Alarm, adding an alarm.

# Editing Alarm / Warnings

Editing a Alarm is done by clicking on the info button, which opens a modal with the following elements

# Alarms / Warnings Status

  • Alarms can be triggered automatically from your functions code.
  • Alarms icon will turn to red.
  • On top of the navigation bar, a '1' or 'N' number of alarms that are active and have not being cleared will display beside the bell icon. Notifying user that an alarm is triggered regardless which page they are in.
  • Clicking on the icon will stop the duration timer. Indicating how long since the alarm is being triggered.
Alarms Triggered

When an alarm is triggered (red bell) the following conditions may occur in the view:

The status bell icon will turn depends on which state

  • grey, alarm is not triggered, can be triggered automatically through functions code or manually clicking it.
  • otherwise
    • red, alarm is triggered, clicking it will disable the duration time, unless functions is still triggering the alarm; clicking it will cause the message to display again on the message list then.

# Message List

Alarms and Warning that are triggered from functions are able to display message here.

  • On your right column message list, will display the message that is display after the alarm is triggered.
  • Clicking on the "trash" icon will delete the message. delete

# Notifications

You will receive an email when your alarm / warnings are triggered, if the Plexus Cloud System Settings is set. Refer Cloud.

Last Updated: 1/20/2022, 4:43:54 PM