# HMI Panel view_module

HMI Panel allows operator to view and adjust variable data

# Accessing HMI

There are two ways of accessing HMI, usually for Operators, you can access HMI Panel directly without logging in Plexus Lab.

Without Login

Or, you can access HMI after logging in Plexus Lab.

With Login

# View

Main View of HMI

Main View of HMI

# Side Panel

A list of specific page of panel that you created from Panel Page can be selected from the side panel.

Side Panel of HMI

# Top Bar

Every HMI Panel have a top bar with multiple actions.

Using HMI
Icon Name Information
fullscreen Full Screen Trigger Full Screen
notifications Alarm Notifications Alarm notifications that being triggered by functions
timeline Timeline View Blackbox
info_outline Info Message Info modal that allow you to view Info Message
Plexus List of Options

# Options

List of Options

Clicking on Plexus Logo will show a list of options.

Icon Name Information
lock_open Unlock Unlock HMI Panel requiring to enter PIN Code respecitive to User.
code Enter Plexus Lab Enter Plexus Lab requiring to login if User its not login.
exit_to_app Log out Go back to Login Page

# Using HMI

For security reasons, Accessing HMI Panel without logging in,
User does not have access to change the variable nor switch until inputting 4 Pin Code respective to the user.

To view the more details of various permissions level click here.

4 number require

Using the HMI to input variable is as easy as clicking it to input value and pressing enter.

Using HMI


Switches are usually are assign to Digital Input/Output Channel.


Note: When assigning an button element to Analog Input Channel, turning it off will reset the value to 0, turning it on will set to 1.

# Blackbox

Viewing blackbox is a key component from a operator standpoint.

Viewing blackbox from HMI Panel is very similar as viewing after logging in Plexus Lab.

HMI Panel Blackbox Top Bar

Icon Name Information
timeline Timeline Choose a range of time / day / week / month to view your graph
replay Load Selection Load selected graph of your timeline
sync Live Get constant data from your variable , update every second.
CHARTS LIST Charts List Select charts that you want to view from this Plexus Lab
- Timezone Select hours difference. up to +3 hours or -3 hours

To view the navigations of chart click here.

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