# Introduction

PlexusLAB, a state-of-the-art software, makes it possible to operate any machinery in just minutes!

PlexusPOD (opens new window) and PlexusLAB were created for users who do not have specific knowledge of electrical or IT work. Our patented in-house PlexusLAB with PlexusPod that come with connectors that make it super easy for anyone to connect sensors and actuators. So, you can plan on spending less time and money on prep work, and more of that on your exciting trials and experiments.

After connecting the sensors to your PlexusPOD, all you will need to do is to simply plug the ethernet cable from your PC (where PlexusLAB is installed) to your PlexusPOD. Now you are connected to PlexusLAB, and you are ready to operate your machinery from your computer! Connect up to 20 PlexusPODs to a single computer; that’s 640 I/Os to control with a click of a mouse.

# How it works

under the hood

# Requirements

The minimum requirements for PlexusLAB are:

  • Ubuntu 18.04 or newer as operating system
  • 1.2 GHz or faster processor. Dual-core or better recommended
  • 2 GB of RAM; 8 GB of RAM recommended (2.5 GB minimum if running on a virtual machine)
  • Hard disk space: 16 GB or higher.
  • Hard disk speed: to improve read and write and durability, install on a Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • 2 Ethernet ports (or 1 ethernet and WiFi capabilities) to connect to a switch or devices device
  • Internet connection require for Cloud features.

# Installation

To start, you need to perform the platform installation steps on your Web Server, which must be based on a Ubuntu operating system (preferably Ubuntu) to be sure of absolute compatibility.


If you do not have a Ubuntu Operating System, You can download the desktop image here (opens new window).

If you're using a Windows Currently, and wishes to dual boot ubuntu and windows, Follow the instructions here (opens new window)

If you're using MacOS x86 device, you can dual boot by follow the instructions here (opens new window)

Once the Ubuntu Operating System is installed go to the installation step.

# To Install

Open the terminal and enter these commands:

sudo apt-get install curl
bash <(curl
tip When asked for Password, enter: "plx"

tip The installation will reqire you to enter you coimputer password at this point


On your terminal, after Installation is done, your password will be displaied, copy the password to login into PlexusLAB for the first time. Remember to change the password, after login, by going into the users page.

# To Update

Open the terminal and enter this command:

bash <(curl
tip When asked, enter system password

tip When asked, Type 'A' and then enter

# To Delete

sudo apt-get install curl
bash <(curl

When asked, Type 'Y' and then enter
attention All your project files will be deleted. This is a permanent removal of PlexusLAB and your data

# Access PlexusLAB

At the end of the installation, you can access the PlexusLAB platform directly from the homepage served at the URL http://YOUR_IP_ADDRESS/plexus/

# Troubleshooting


Most common errors after installing PlexusLAB are PHP not installed correctly.

Assuming you already installed Ubuntu prior and have PHP version installed.

Your PHP might be loaded with old version of PHP. PlexusLAB need to have PHP Version 7.4 To double check your PHP version is 7.4 On your terminal use the command

php --version

You will get the following

PHP 7.4.3 (cli) (built: Oct  6 2020 15:47:56) ( NTS )
Copyright (c) The PHP Group
Zend Engine v3.4.0, Copyright (c) Zend Technologies
with Zend OPcache v7.4.3, Copyright (c), by Zend Technologies

# Apache

If PHP is loaded correctly, but you still can't access webserver. Check your Apache System is running by

sudo systemctl status apache2 #Debian/Ubuntu

It should have active running status.

apache2.service - The Apache HTTP Server
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/apache2.service; enabled; vendor prese>
     Active: active (running) since Mon 2021-02-08 16:17:15 PST; 1 weeks 6 day

# Find Your IP

If you don't know your IP Address, and you're accessing your device that you installed with PlexusLAB remotely, you can find your IP Address through terminal by using this command.

hostname -I

If you're using locally, you can access Plexus through http://localhost/plexus

# Port

By default PlexusLAB web server runs through Apache Port 80

To check your PORT:80 is listening through apache, enter this command.

sudo netstat -anp | grep apache
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