# Blackbox history

This page manages the blackbox that allows user to record data and display it on graph.


# Side Panel

Blackbox side view allows you to add new record.

# Adding New Blackbox

Adding a new Blackbox record is done by clicking on the '+' button on the side panel, which opens a modal with the following elements

Name Information
Name Name for your blackbox
Variable Variable to record into your blackbox

# View

Main view to view your blackbox.

# Blackbox Top Bar

Every Blackbox Record have a top bar with multiple actions.

Blackbox TopBar
Icon Name Information
- Status Stopped Status For Stopped Recording
Recording Status For Start Recording
timeline Timeline Choose a range of time / day / week / month to view your graph
replay Load Selection Load selected graph of your timeline
sync Live Get constant data from your variable , update every second.
file_download Download Blackbox Download your blackbox data into CSV Format.
info_outline Info Info modal that allow you to add / delete variable.

# Zoom In - X Axis

Drag left click to zoom in.

Drag left click to zoom

# Zoom Out - X Axis

Double click to zoom out.

Double click to zoom out

# Zoom In - Y Axis

Double click to zoom out

# Zoom Out - Y Axis

Double click to zoom out.

Double click to zoom out
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