# System build

This page manages the system configuration from System Cycles, monitoring 4 Services Status. Settings, CPU and Memory Info, and Time Info.

# View

System Main View is split into 4 boxes.

System Main Panel

# System Cycles

PlexusLAB main component is executed by core services functions.

  • Functions Status : A service that execute all your custom functions from top to bottom.
  • Blackbox Status: A service that records all your variables data that you selected in the blackbox panel.
  • Cloud Loop Status: A service that synchronize and connect to Plexus Cloud
  • Modbus Server Status: A Modbus server that allows you to connect to.

# Settings

  • Modbus Mode switching it on will allow you to start your own Modbus Server. Clicking on info allows you to set the IP Address.
  • API / Bridge Mode , a mode that allows external REST API Call like GET POST PUT from third party.
  • API Password, configuration that require when doing REST API Call

Plexus Cloud Settings

Name Information
Project Key A specific key for this PlexusLAB that you can assign to.
Plexus Cloud Key A specific key from your Plexus Cloud Project
Username Your Plexus Cloud Account Username: eg: abc@gmail.com

For more details regarding cloud refer to this specific cloud chapter.

# CPU and Memory Info

  • System Load - Shows the percentage of PlexusLAB is using , percentage wise relative to your CPU.
  • RAM Usage - Shows the (kB) of PlexusLAB is using , (kB) wise relative to your RAM.
  • BlackBox Size - Shows the (MB) of PlexusLAB is using , (MB) wise relative to your storage.

# Time Info

  • Current Date - Shows your system current date.
  • Current Date(s) - Shows your system current time in UNIX.
  • Current Timezone - Shows your system timezone location.
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